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For ease of execution the workouts mostly revolve around bodyweight exercises but some of the sessions involve bits of equipment, 
-Sandbags can be easily made or substituted with a heavy rucksack.
-Kettlebells can be bought online (we get ours from Wolverson) and because of their versatility are a great investment for any home gym.

If you dont want to make or buy any equipment just switch the exercise to something else, preferably that works the body in a similar way to the omitted exercise.

These sessions can be performed exactly as described here or use them as inspiration to devise some of your own home workouts.

Before beginning any new exercise program it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your personal physician. The information provided within this eBook is for general informational purposes only. While  we try to keep the information up-to-date and correct, there are no representations or warranties, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the information, products, services, or related graphics contained in this eBook for any purpose. Any use of this information is at your own risk and reader discreation is adviced before applying the methods and techniques mentioned in this book.


Session 1) Cardio - Burpee and Step Up Countdown.

Perform back to back rounds of Burpees and Step Ups, beginning with 20 (Burpees then Step Ups) then repeat working down from the 20,19,18 all the way down to 1. (You can make this harder by doing step ups reps on each leg i.e. 20 on each leg)

Session 2) Legs & Core.

20x Bodyweight Squats
20x Lunges
20x Jump Lunges
20x Jump Squats
60second Plank
Repeat the whole sequence for 30 mins.

Session 3) Cardio & Mental Training.

20 High Knees
3 Full Range Star Jumps (bums down to heels)
15 Squat Thrusts
3 Full Range Star Jumps
5 Lateral Jumps
3 Full Range Star Jumps
Then either skip 60seconds or run equivalent to 200m (down the strett and back or multiple lengths of garden)
Repeat the sequence for 30 mins.

Session 4) Full Body - Sand Bag Slog.

-Chest Press (lying on floor).
-Sandbag Get Up.
-Pull Over (lying on floor with bag held with straight arms above chest take bag over head towards floor and return to above chest).
-Sandbag Squat.
-Sandbag Burpee.

-Sandbag Leg Kicks (lying on back on the floor, hold sandbag above chest with straight arms then lift both legs up to the sky and alternate dropping one leg towards the floor) 
-Sandbag Overhead Press. 
-Side to Side Pullover (lying on floor pull sandbag from one side of body to the other)
-Shoulder to Shoulder Squat (squat with sandbag on shoulder as you stand from squat lift bag over head and receive on opposite shoulder as you squat back down then repeat)
-Sandbag Push Press (using legs for assistance press sandbag from chest to overhead in quick succession)

-Perform a) for 5 mins (1 min on each exercise)
-Perform b) for 5 mins
-Perform a) for 5 mins
-Perform b) for 5 mins
-Perform a)+b) back to back for 10 mins.
(For this workout maybe consider making a couple of different weight sandbags)

Session 5) Full Body.

For a 20 min round (10 x 2 min),Set stopwatch off and leave to run, every 2 mins perform the following sequence, (rest for the remainder of the 2 min round).
(For a) and d) 3 levels of difficulty are given perform 1 variety not all 3.)
a) Assisted V-Sit (hands on floor)/ V-Sit (hands off floor)/ V-Up (arms straight above head and legs straight) x 5
b) KettleBell Swing or Sandbag Shoulder Press x 10
c) Sit Thru's x 15 (1 left 1 right = 1 rep)
d) Stationary Lunges (feet remain on floor at all times) / Standard Forward Lunges / Jump Lunges x 20

Session 6) Cardio - 5x5 Rounds.

a) High Knees
b) Burpees
c) Line Jump ( fast side to side jumps over a line)
d) Mountain Climbers
e) Skip or Star Jump
Perform each exercise for 1 minute each then rest 2 minutes, repeat x5.

Session 7) Full Body. 

100 Burpees - for the fastest time you can.
25 Rounds starting on the minute every minute for 25 minutes. (Start stopwatch off and on every minute perform this sequence.)
a) 3 x Press Ups
b) 3 x Squat Jumps
c) 3 x Squat Thrusts
d) 4 x Lunges

Session 8) Legs, Core and Cardio.

Consists of 3 x 8 minute rounds. All rounds involve 3 exercises that are alternated every 30 seconds for the full duration of the 8 minute round.

Round 1 - 
Exercise 1 = Jump Lunge Without Feet swapping (perform a jump lunge as you normally would except you dont swap the front leg). Alternate leg with each 30 second interval.
Exercise 2 = Plank
Exercise 3 = Mountain Climbers
So looks like this-
30sec - Right Leg Jump Lunge Without foot Swap
30sec - Mountain Climber
30sec - Plank
30sec - Mountain Climber
As above for another 3 times would equal 8 minutes.

Round 2 - 
Exercise 1 = Plank with alternating leg lifts
Exercise 2 = Leg Flutter Kicks (lying on back alternating dropping legs to the floor)
Exercise 3 = High Knees
So looks like this-
30sec - Plank with alt 1 leg lift
30sec - Sprint or On SPot Running
30sec - Leg Flutter Kicks
30sec - Sprint or On Spot Running
As above for another 3 times would equal 8 minutes.

Round 3 - 
Exercise 1 = Line Jump
Exercise 2 = Alternating hand to foot touch. (In a press up position quickly alternate between touching opposite hand to foot)
Exercise 3 = Burpee.
So looks like this- 
30sec - Line Jump
30sec - Burpee and Tuck Jump
30sec - Bike Crunch
30sec - Burpee and Tuck Jump
AS above for another 3 times would equal 8 minutes.