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shed YOGA


We provide an alternative experience for people that prefer their Yoga a little less traditional. SHED YOGA is our own more modern interpretation of what we want from a Yoga class.

Our strong, dynamic-movement focused classes employ a mix of flows and longer holds to improve both strength and flexibility.

The sequences will have regularly varied themes but will always provide a complete practise. We’ll talk about the breath and alignment but we won’t obsess over them. We’ll shun working towards extreme ranges of flexibility and avoid excessive repetition of movement patterns. Instead we’ll use the simplest language and only the essential teaching points to guide you through sequences designed to safely and effectively improve the overall physical capabilities of those that attend our classes in the most up-to-date ways we know how.

We practise in a studio pleasantly heated to around 25-30 degrees, with no mirrors or bright lights, the candle-lit room is the perfect non-intimidating, non-pretentious environment to spend some time working on yourself.

Oh… and we play music in our sessions… because we love moving to music.

We intentionally made SHED YOGA a little different… Because all the other Yoga in town is so similar… But that other Yoga just isn’t for us… And if we feel that way then we know others do to… SHED YOGA isn’t for everyone… But it could be for you.

All Abilities Welcome.


(A.K.A. Hench As F*ck) HENCH; A very fit looking individual with good muscle definition. This is a resistance based class using everything we have in the Shed to provide an intense upper body workout that will strengthen the muscle you have and build muscle you want.

All Abilities Welcome.  

Butts & Guts

Good friends don't let you skip leg day! And you'll never get the Ass you want, sitting on the one you've got! Cliches aside... Prepare for an all out assault of the lower body and abs! This class will help you build amazing lower body strength, pack on muscle in all the right places and give that bread-basket of yours a good hammering.

All Abilities Welcome.


This class is a "Circuit" style workout, combining body weight, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag and sled exercises to provide a FULL BODY STRENGTH WORKOUT (with a little less of the cardio) that's designed to end your weakness.

All Abilities Welcome.


Sweat Shed’s signature high intensity interval / circuit workout blending body weight training, sandbags, battle ropes, slam balls, kettlebells, prowlers and sleds into one dynamic, sweaty fat burning workout that'll leave your underarms far from fresh.

All Abilities Welcome.


This session has a little bit of Strength, a little bit of cardio, some upper body, some lower body, a touch of ab work and everything in between. We’ll be using all the kit we have in the Shed to make this one hell of a tough workout that’ll leave you making your way home thinking F*ck… My… Life!


Armed with just a bag of sand and your own bodyweight, this full body cardio and strength workout will leave you outlined in chalk.

All Abilities Welcome.


The perfect stress busting class. This is your time to forget everything and punch some things. This class combines boxing pad work with short bursts of interval training using bodyweight movements and equipment. Expect to sweat, strengthen your core, learn to punch and by the end feel like you could take on Rocky himself.

All Abilities Welcome.

(There is no contact / sparring during any of these sessions)


The Run Club for those that want to like running but just can't. Don't worry, we won't be taking this run around the hood too seriously! It's just fun to get outside, get some fresh air and if we get a sweat on, even better!

This is a completely free class, so you dont even need a active pass to join us for this session.

It's open to all ability levels, run at your own pace, nobody will ever get left behind!

Routes vary week to week between 4-10km, please contact the gym to know the distance in advance or check social media for more details.  


THE SLOW JAM is a slightly different session to our usual SHED YOGA class. The pace will be slower and the playlist more "chill".

There's definitely a more Yin style approach to the sequencing, having said that still be prepared to sweat and work. This is a great class to take in the evening when all you want to do is wind down and chill out.

All Abilities Welcome.