Sweat Shed

Nobody Ever Drowned In Sweat


Learn To Play Without Keeping Score.

As a society we love numbers,
How old are you?
How much do you make?
What do you weigh?
The older we get the more people need us to give an account of ourselves through numbers.
Even as a kid, a time when we should be able to escape to number free mind space, we end up being drawn in to the grown up world of keeping score.

If we don't keep score, how will we know who won? And if we're not going to play to win, why are we even playing to begin with?

Competition has it's place, we'll all feel differently about this, but for me maybe most of us should limit who we compete with, to just ourselves.
Putting numbers to actions and events has it's place, tax returns maybe and yeah a lot of fitness, health and gym based activity does benefit from tracking numbers I'm not gonna lie.

I just wanted to suggest that there is another way and that it doesn't need to replace the old way but maybe you could just give it a try from time to time.

Stay off the scales for a week, Just eat healthy, weigh yourself next week.

Go for a run with no heart rate monitor or gps counting the miles.

Have a little one on one and intentionally forget the score.

Put your favourite album on and dance around until it finishes, that's todays cardio done, you have no idea how long you danced for or how many calories you burnt, all you know is that you enjoyed that time you just spent.

Take this concept with you into the rest of the week,
To begin with just observe,
Become aware of how much of our time is spent putting numbers in boxes,
Most of the time it's not for our benefit,
It's so we can justify and explain ourselves to others,
So they can see that we're thin, that we're rich, that we're fast, that we're young, that we're successful.
The game is never going to change, it's the way it's always been and probably always will be.
But we don't need to change the game, all we need to do is change the way we play it.
Give it a try,
Every now and then, Play Life Without Keeping Score.