Sweat Shed

Nobody Ever Drowned In Sweat

Everything is Temporary.

Everything is Temporary.

Know that everything is temporary,
The good times, the bad times,
They come and they go,...
One day we're riding high on a wave of ecstasy,
The next we're kicking a can down depression avenue,

The ups never seem to last long enough,
And the downs seem to be never ending,

the sooner we realise that all these periods in life are temporary the better,

Temporary is how this world is put together,
Nothing is forever and nothing is guaranteed,
We cannot afford to take anything for granted,

Appreciate the times when you're down,
For without these we wouldn't enjoy the ups half as much when they arrive,

The money you have today, could all be gone by next week,
The health you feel now, may not always be around,
That job that nourishes your soul, may not hit the same spot next year,

Life has a funny way of balancing things out,
Take a look at your situation right now,
Good or bad, embrace it, it is teaching you a lesson as we speak,
But change is coming, maybe not today or tomorrow,
But it's coming,

So if you're lucky enough to be up right now enjoy every second while you can,
And if you're down my friend, dig in your heels, tighten that grip on the thin thread of sanity that you cling to, deep down you and I both know calmer waters are on the horizon, you will be on top again soon.
Prepare to appreciate them when they arrive,
For the cycle of temporary never ends,