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Learn To Play Without Keeping Score.

As a society we love numbers,
How old are you?
How much do you make?
What do you weigh?
The older we get the more people need us to give an account of ourselves through numbers.
Even as a kid, a time when we should be able to escape to number free mind space, we end up being drawn in to the grown up world of keeping score.

If we don't keep score, how will we know who won? And if we're not going to play to win, why are we even playing to begin with?

Competition has it's place, we'll all feel differently about this, but for me maybe most of us should limit who we compete with, to just ourselves.
Putting numbers to actions and events has it's place, tax returns maybe and yeah a lot of fitness, health and gym based activity does benefit from tracking numbers I'm not gonna lie.

I just wanted to suggest that there is another way and that it doesn't need to replace the old way but maybe you could just give it a try from time to time.

Stay off the scales for a week, Just eat healthy, weigh yourself next week.

Go for a run with no heart rate monitor or gps counting the miles.

Have a little one on one and intentionally forget the score.

Put your favourite album on and dance around until it finishes, that's todays cardio done, you have no idea how long you danced for or how many calories you burnt, all you know is that you enjoyed that time you just spent.

Take this concept with you into the rest of the week,
To begin with just observe,
Become aware of how much of our time is spent putting numbers in boxes,
Most of the time it's not for our benefit,
It's so we can justify and explain ourselves to others,
So they can see that we're thin, that we're rich, that we're fast, that we're young, that we're successful.
The game is never going to change, it's the way it's always been and probably always will be.
But we don't need to change the game, all we need to do is change the way we play it.
Give it a try,
Every now and then, Play Life Without Keeping Score.

Everything is Temporary.

Everything is Temporary.

Know that everything is temporary,
The good times, the bad times,
They come and they go,...
One day we're riding high on a wave of ecstasy,
The next we're kicking a can down depression avenue,

The ups never seem to last long enough,
And the downs seem to be never ending,

the sooner we realise that all these periods in life are temporary the better,

Temporary is how this world is put together,
Nothing is forever and nothing is guaranteed,
We cannot afford to take anything for granted,

Appreciate the times when you're down,
For without these we wouldn't enjoy the ups half as much when they arrive,

The money you have today, could all be gone by next week,
The health you feel now, may not always be around,
That job that nourishes your soul, may not hit the same spot next year,

Life has a funny way of balancing things out,
Take a look at your situation right now,
Good or bad, embrace it, it is teaching you a lesson as we speak,
But change is coming, maybe not today or tomorrow,
But it's coming,

So if you're lucky enough to be up right now enjoy every second while you can,
And if you're down my friend, dig in your heels, tighten that grip on the thin thread of sanity that you cling to, deep down you and I both know calmer waters are on the horizon, you will be on top again soon.
Prepare to appreciate them when they arrive,
For the cycle of temporary never ends,

Sweat Shed becomes Guerrilla Movement.

For those new to me and my career as a PT, I set up in business as Sweat Shed, you can take a look around our website here. This post touches on a few reasons behind why I felt the need to re-brand into what you see here... Guerrilla Movement.

Some of you may be wondering why the change of name and re-branding of the training business? Some of you maybe couldn't care less? Either way I feel the need to provide a little bit of reasoning for the decision.

I love Sweat Shed, it's been my baby for nearly 5 years, I love the Pig and his logo. I also love the name but as a reflection of my attitudes and methods towards the multifaceted fitness industry today, I felt it had started to become somewhat one dimensional, only addressing one factor in a huge spectrum of activity and movement.

A lot can change in 5 years. That's a shed load (haha see what I did there!) of training sessions! Circuit classes, PT classes and my own individual training and associated progress. I started as a very traditional PT, your typical strength and conditioning type workouts. Since then I've worked online with the Ido Portal Method, I've completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course attended a Yin Yoga immersion and become much more interested in flexibility/mobility, I've spent a whole year studying handstands on a daily basis (#365daysofhandstands), introduced many basic gymnastic skills into much of what I train and teach, I've completed Level 1 Animal Flow and Movnat Certifications. After this past 12 months in particular I feel like a completely different coach and student to the one that started the year. So you can start to see how I began to feel like Sweat Shed just didn't give justice to the content and the variety of the training that I deliver. I've made changes throughout my time at Sweat Shed, days and times of sessions. Played with the content of sessions continuously. I want to be surrounded by things that always feel fresh and new!

Change is the only constant we can guarantee in our lives! We should embrace it and roll with it!

GUERRILLA MOVEMENT feels like where I'm at these days as a coach and where I see my instruction of others heading in the future. Even just today after changing my social media logos I already feel a new permission to explore and play with new topics that Sweat Shed just wasn't allowing me, I felt that I had an old identity to fulfill. Where as now the canvas is blank and Guerrilla Movement can evolve into whatever it wants to. Sweat Shed was how I saw the world of training and fitness 6 years ago! GUERRILLA MOVEMENT is how I see that world today.

For existing clients this won't change anything for you really, maybe you'll just see a few more gorillas than pigs? The training will remain largely the same content with lots of new additions thrown into the mix, but will always be of the high quality you've come to expect. 
What the re-brand will hopefully achieve is to provide a better account of what we provide in terms of coaching to new clients stumbling across us for the first time. So they can feel more informed about what it is we do before actual participation.

For me this Identity crisis has been going on for probably a few years. To the point where I've considered other career options. Recently I started to feel detached more than ever from the business I created 4.5 years ago. I've evolved and the training and coaching I provide to my clients in the gym and online had evolved. After Realising this is the only thing on the planet that will ever have 100% of my attention and passion meant that I needed to find a way to fall back in love with the process. So with a new name, a new brand, comes a new challenge! 
I hope that all the Shed faithfuls are as excited as I am about what possibilities this means for the future of their training. The Sweat Shed as an entity is going nowhere, however Sweat Shed now will simply be the name of the room we operate out of, it's the venue. Myself and 3 other PT's (from November) will conduct our sessions from Sweat Shed the location. But we will each be training clients under our own individual brands, for which I have chosen GUERRILLA MOVEMENT, that will be my ethos and my methodology. Think of it as Virgin Active is the venue.... Body Pump is the method... If you will. Hope that makes sense to you all.

As I write this post we're down 12 likes on the Facebook page already in a matter of hours. I don't quite understand why this would be the case when currently all that's changed is a logo and a name but it's OK I expect there will be some that just can't get behind the new name and brand. I truly hope that as many of you guys as possible will stick around and continue to participate in or at least follow from a far this health and fitness journey that we've been on together for so long already. I'd love to hear your opinions good and bad about the whole situation, any questions or concerns I'll be more than happy to address just drop me a message.

 And for all those already dropping nice comments and words of support for the change I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has not been an easy decision to make nor has it been one I've made lightly. It could be career suicide to play with a brand that I've been building for the best part of 5 years but I guess time will tell. You have to do what you have to do. Thanks for your support along the way regardless of the outcome.