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I'm not quite sure where this post is going to go so I'll apologise in advance. I've not wrote a blog post in absolute ages... so I may blend a whole array of topics that have been whirling around my head into one, no doubt lengthy, ramble...! I see so much content online from PT's and what not, I just started to feel like who wants to hear what I have to say when there's literally thousands out there already filling social media feeds. So I guess I'm writing this to clear out my own head ready to get back to some more consistent blogging and if a couple of people stop by to take peek then that's awesome, I hope you can take something from it and if not, pop back in a few weeks when I've remembered how to write engaging blog posts... (because that's what bullshit marketers tell us we should be writing!)  

I've been listening to Kendrick's new track so that's where the title came from... I've kind of felt an affinity to the word HUMBLE recently while I've been going through some injury problems so it felt like a good fit... So lets see where we end up... I hope you can stick with me and make it to the end. 

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the lord, and he shall raise you up."(James 4:10)

Don't worry I'm not going all religious on you but I do love a good quote from the good book from time to time...

There's nothing like a bout of illness or injury to help you reflect on a time when you were well, when you were healthy and you were feeling good.
These are usually times when being humble is the last thing on your mind. I know there's times for sure when I've walked around thinking I'm all big and bad and I'm not practicing being humble in the slightest. 
Like I'm invincible. 
Like nothing can bring me down, like the world revolves around me.
They say pride comes before a fall and boy did they hit the nail on the head.
I wont lie and pretend I wish I wouldn't of suffered the injury in the first place but the silver lining is as a result of it I feel I've learnt some stuff I otherwise might not have.

I came across this very catchy phrase that sums it up perfectly for me,


Don't dwell too long on your former glories. Your time, your talents, your money, your power, your status, your possessions... it's all disposable. Acknowledging an achievement isn't the same as boasting about it. Remember the bigger you are, the harder you'll fall.

One minute you're showing off to the world doing one arm chin ups and the next you're struggling to put your own socks on. I consider my ass well and truly Humbled!

We should all be cautious of drifting into a life of arrogance, pretentiousness and selfishness. Instead we should aim to practice modesty, being humble and serving others. There's a million and one quotes along the lines of 'helping others achieve their dreams and we to will achieve our own' and they're right, no one has ever become poor by giving. 

I feel due to the amount of time we spend in a virtual world these days and how the media we consume is created and delivered to us, we are all unknowing victims of being dragged in to this way of life. We really need to concentrate our efforts on injecting life and love in to the world through the decisions and actions we take and not just simply be one more individual sucking attention from society and taking up space. I know that I post a lot less online these days just because I feel I only want to post things that I really want others to see. I suppose it doesn't make much of a difference though as the social media world has so much content these days its like taking a piss in the sea, nobody notices anyway. 

The fitness world is very similar to the real world in many ways. It's a competitive place where the strong, the beautiful, the loud and the big thrive.

Gyms compete on square footage, number of clients / members, fancy apparel lines new class / workout names and supplement sponsors.

Personal Trainers compete on 1 rep max Instagram clips, the best well lit topless changing room "progress" photo's and the fanciest staged evening meal photo (All of which I know I have contributed well over my fair share of to the world) in an attempt to lure new clients to come try their workouts or simply to receive some quick acclaim from their peers. And we all play the game because that's how we see others do it, we feel that's just how it's done. 

I was aware of this cycle of events before because as a result of my profession I was a part of it. I've never taken as much time away from my usual life I as I have recently and I've been able to look at it through different eyes. It's not a very nice view. Arrogance, Pretentiousness, False Advertising and Flat Out Bull Shit as far as the eye can see. Where "likes" and applause and actions for others approval makes the world turn. I know how ironic this sounds coming from me. In my time I've been more guilty than most. And for that I want to apologise. I don't want to contribute to it any longer.

Despite my absolute adoration of the gym and exercising and training, it's an industry I've slowly learnt to despise over time. I'm working hard to overcome the conflict of interests I seem to be having in my head about working in the fitness world, where modesty and being humble isn't rewarded and being a c*nt and a bit of a prick is! and I hope once my injury finally heals I can find my place to deliver something positive to the world.

What I can physically contribute to the industry is somewhat limited at the moment, but I'm going to start where I can, by looking at how I contribute to the industry both online and offline and hopefully act in a much more humble manner now I feel I've escaped the clutches of the dark side of the Fitness Industry, (largely in part by some of the realisations made by the help of this chronic injury).

What does this mean? Well for me practicing being humble means using my tiny little portal on social media to add value to the world instead of another topless PT photo. (Besides I'm 35 this year I should be leaving that to the Johnny Bravo looking young 'uns.) 

So keep your eyes peeled for much more useful content coming your way though my social media streams. I plan on updating you with lots of workout ideas, exercise technique tips, recipes I may have tried and then we may even get in to some other cool stuff like local business reviews and workout playlists and just all around useful shizzle!! 

Yahoo!! you made it!!

Ok in summary what have we learnt here... Basically I could have saved you 15 minutes and just typed...