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Debbie’s Story

“I’ve been going to Sweat Shed for a while now but when I started I was very overweight and extremely unfit. I was very nervous and embarrassed about starting due to my size and unhealthy life but everyone was so lovely.

I never once felt judged or made to feel like I didn’t belong, everyone is literally there for the same thing, to better themselves and not to look at or judge anyone else.

Over the past year, with huge help from Sweat shed, I have lost almost 4 stone, I’m regularly encouraged and praised by other members, which keeps me motivated as I continue my journey, I would highly recommend Sweat shed to everyone, especially those who feel they don’t fit in at a gym or place of exercise.

Mat the trainer is lovely! Gives enough attention and encouragement but doesn’t over push or make you feel you need to work harder or faster if you’re not ready or able.

Thank you Sweat Shed!”



Ian’s Story

Ian started at Sweat Shed after a few months of umming and arghing through email interactions. Initially concerned about starting something new and massively out of his comfort zone, he eventually signed up to our 2-week trial and after threatening to come down on a number of occasions he finally made his debut and since then has never looked back!

He’s been hugely consistent with his training, often doing double sessions in one night! And after adjusting his diet accordingly (but he’ll be the first to admit he’s still enjoying the ‘odd’ pint!) he’s now in a position where maintaining a more balanced lifestyle is much easier.

He’s now also started to enjoy his new-found fitness by getting involved with events that we sign up to as group at Sweat Shed. Most recently he completed his first ever 10k running event.

Despite only being a full member for a relatively short period of time Ian has become an integral part of the private members Facebook group and we all love his pre and post session check ins and motivational posts.

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Simone’s Story

Simone has always enjoyed exercise but fell out of the routine of regularly training whilst at university. After graduating she made it a priority to get back to a healthier lifestyle.

With the help of Sweat Shed she’s managed to reclaim her fitness and become more confident with her body image. Her approach now is one that revolves around balance and consistency.

Simone will readily admit she refuses to deny herself some of life’s tastiest treats at the weekends such as ice cream and pizza, and why should she…!?

But she makes sure to balance this out by consistently training hard and making healthy meal choices throughout the rest of the week.

To go with this new sustainable lifestyle, she’s gone from non-runner to completing 2 half marathons in 2018, with her eyes firmly set on a full one in the future.



Jason’s Story

Having been an avid gym goer and semi-pro footballer in his younger days Jason never saw himself as a fitness class type of guy but fast forward to today and he’s now one of our longest serving and most vocal disciples.

Jason got involved at Sweat Shed after a few years of battling with a number of serious health issues including cancer. His family dragged him along to a session kicking and screaming as he looked to get back to some physical exercise as his health began to improve.

He went on to consistently attending 3 nights a week for the next few years, over which time he became easily one of the fittest members we have.

Although he is very self-motivated and has always enjoyed his training he found the group dynamic and the positive atmosphere in the classes helped him to work harder than he would alone.

From not keen to Sweat Shedder for life, Jason now approaching 50, weight trains most days and uses Sweat Shed sessions to compliment his own workouts as he continues to enjoy looking and feeling much fitter than guys his age and younger.

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30 Day Rolling Contract – No COMMITMENT

Just £35 per month